How To Recover Lost Files From A Crashed Disk Drive

comuterThis article takes a fresh look at some different ways to recover lost files from a hard drive that has crashed.

Each approach has its own associated cost and benefits, with each being suited to certain types of faults.

The first method you could try involves removing the internal hard drive, installing it in an external HDD case and attempting to read the contents via a second computer.

These type of external drive casing devices are widely available in computer peripheral shops. They are often used by people who wish to swap their existing drive for a new one, and still get some use from the old drive as an external storage device.

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Apply head to keyboard. Repeat.

I HATE COMPUTERS. I should (theoretically) be able to make a remote desktop connection from my laptop at a client’s site to my desktop computer in the office.

Three times today I have been able to do this, and others have been able to also connect on their accounts.

Randomly and whenever I actually NEED the connection for something urgent, it doesn’t FREAKING WORK. I wait an indeterminate amount of time (anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours) and then it works again.


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We’re moving and Giving away some stuff

We’re moving, and for once we’re not trying to get rid of stuff. In fact, we need to acquire some furniture items, cheap like the budgie/budget. I thought I’d start by asking the IntraWeb if any of my dear readers or their friends might have any of the following items lurking about that they’re hoping to clear out for a bargain price.

  • Twin/trundle bed
  • Computer desk (ours is so broken we’ve decided not to try to move it again)
  • TV/entertainment center, preferably slung low to the floor
  • Small dining table for 2 people (no wider than 3ft)
  • Funky room divider screen
  • Portable/rolling kitchen “island” unit
  • Hanging pot rack
  • Rocking chair

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Solar Technology at Work

Solar energy is one of the most real alternate power sources the world knows. There are hundreds of uses for solar energy, but one that is becoming popular with many home owners is solar lighting. Solar technology has taken leaps and bounds of progress in recent years. In fact it is that progress that makes this technology even possible.

If it were not for the miniature solar panels that were invented recently it would be impossible to make thispv-diagram energy commercially available to the extent that they are today.

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Blue and Pink Wii Remotes-WTF

The people at Nintendo Wii continue to amaze me with their creativity just recently they launched the new pink and blue remotes embedded with the new MotionPlus technology. They’ve taken the normal Wii controller and added color, better technology and cool grips, to give gamers the ultimate, interactive gaming experience while making your Wii accessories look great too.

This new MotionPlus technology is aimed at improving the overall gaming experience for the gamer. Just connect the MotionPlus remote accessory to your remote and feel the difference yourself, your Wii remote will respond to even your slightest turn of the wrist. Most new games come equipped with this technology.

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