Arriving and Enjoying New York

Airport #1
Going through Pearson was easy as pie. Customs was nothing – my fears of being fingerprinted and having to answer a circle of questions were never realized.

The dude at customs glanced at me asked what i was doing in America then before i could answer stamped my passport.

The biggest struggle was with the metal detector. I had no idea I had so much metal on me. I had to remove my boots and belt then have every pocket searched. So it goes.

The de-icing machines are like something out of a science fiction movie. They move as if they are elephants
WestJet really is as good as everyone says it is.
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Wonderful Things Happen In Our Life

It’s that time of the week again folks where we can discuss all of the wonderful things happening in our lives right now.
Please share your wonderful “things” in the comments and I’ll mention them in next weeks post.

1. England are through to the knockout stages of the World Cup – I never thought we’d get there but by some freak miracle we managed to do it. Huge congratulations to the USA for topping the group, didn’t realise you guys were so good at football.

2. I got up at 5 am this morning. Trust me, this is a good thing although it didn’t seem like it at the time. There was a fly buzzing around my head and annoying the hell out of me – I got so frustrated that I just got up instead of trying to get back to sleep.

I got to see all the wildlife in my garden, including hedgehogs and rabbits, and I managed to see my dad when he got in from work at 6 a.m. which I never do. I won’t be making my 5 am wake ups a regular thing, but maybe once in a while because it gave me the kickstart that I’ve needed. Read More “Wonderful Things Happen In Our Life”

Positive Learning Impact – The Power of Tuition

An increasing number of teachers are turning from classroom teaching to tuition in search of a more fulfilling experience in their chosen vocation.

With increasing class sizes and renewed demands on teachers to provide a standardized approach to all pupils in their classrooms, those teachers who wish to work with students in a different way feel stifled and frustrated.

Working with students using methods that don’t find a place so strongly in the curriculum and general syllabus can offer teachers a way to explore their creativity and find ways to stimulate their students learning that are tailored to individual preferences.

Benefits for tutors

When subject experts decide to take on the role of imparting their knowledge to others, teaching is the natural step from learning to sharing what has been learned.

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Funny Pick Up Lines

chphtHJXIf only getting a date could be this direct!

There are thousands of funny pick up lines. Thousands of them! How do you choose the best ones? I don’t know, but feel free to use any of the ones from this list below.

(Warning & Disclaimer: Use these pick up lines at your own risk. Results may vary and may include physical harm or put your life in jeopardy if used in the wrong place or in the wrong context with the wrong person. Always consult a professional pick up artist before attempting to use pick up lines!)

My Favorite Funny pick up lines:

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6 great online college finders or college search websites

If you’re starting to choose a college, the best place to begin looking for information is always the Internet.worth Several websites have a quality “college finder” or “college search” to help give you some ideas of where to go to school based on your preferences.

Most of these will ask similar questions about what you’d like in a college, such as your major, ideal distance from home, size of campus, sports, and so forth.

A lot of these websites are also great for providing general statistics about colleges or universities, such as male/female ratio, tuition, average age, ethnicity distribution, and so forth.

Much like the Student Search Service, a lot of the college searches are only helpful if you don’t already have a school in mind. If you’ve already narrowed it down to a few, the searches won’t be too helpful to you. However, the information that these sites provide is useful no matter who you are. Read More “6 great online college finders or college search websites”

Understanding the different types of college classes

If you’re starting off at college for the first time and you’re finally going to choose your classes, you’ll want to know that college classes are a bit different from high school classes — there are different types of college classes. What you do in each type and what you can expect from them will vary.

From my experience, there are four major types of college classes: lectures, seminars, discussions, and labs.


This is your typical large class. Most college lectures are taught in (you guessed it) a large lecture hall by a professor. Read More “Understanding the different types of college classes”

What should parents expect from their child’s graduation day?

graduationGraduating from university is a landmark event for any student. Having invested three or more years into a course, there’s a tremendous sense of achievement for having come out the other side stronger, wiser and qualified.

For the parents of those students, it’s all about an overwhelming pride for what your son or daughter has achieved.

It can be an expensive, occasionally stressful, experience helping your child through the university experience.   However when it comes to seeing them graduate you’ll know that it’s all been worth it. Read More “What should parents expect from their child’s graduation day?”

Hail to the NEW chief

Well, there you have it kids, no more missile shield. “After careful consideration of the issue, we have decided that Canada will not participate in the U.S. ballistic missile defense system.” (Pierre Pettigrew) At least that is what we want to think.

We are a already involved. Canada is involved in R&D and in other roundabout ways through NORAD and even NAFTA. I can’t find a link for this right now.

Canada is being sucked into a vacuum filled with racism, hatred, fear, loathing, repression, ignorance, (…), and a place where if something is seen it must be said.

Say goodbye to Canadian sovereignty in the air and in the north. And give a nice hello to our 1939 Germany-esque neighbours.

Now before you say “!”, let me say that I’m not comparing America to the Nazis, rather just the annexation issue. I could’ve chosen the Western Sahara and Morocco if I wanted, but do you even know what I mean by that?

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Cambridge Dreams

In one dream I am a method actor taking part in the production of a film about the ancient [and epic] political rallies of the Alaskan Inuit. Over the course of the film’s production, I drift away from relevant characterization, and become a hitman. From atop the Alaskan Inuit Palace, I shoot at six men identified from a list of pictures and names written on the steeple.eskimonames

Almost instantly [although his tone of voice suggests that at least six months have passed] a man appears atop the steeple with me, claiming that I killed his friends and family, and must be punished for my actions, regardless of their emotional un-associations.

“It was just a job” I say, but he pulls a weapon resembling the wishbone of a turkey, yet made up of a cascading array of either shards of glass or razorblades! Several minutes of struggle transpire, before he succeeds at slipping it into my neck some fifty times in the space of a moment. Stringy cords are all that remain, and it seems the razorshards were poisoned, as well. Read More “Cambridge Dreams”

We’re moving and Giving away some stuff

We’re moving, and for once we’re not trying to get rid of stuff. In fact, we need to acquire some furniture items, cheap like the budgie/budget. I thought I’d start by asking the IntraWeb if any of my dear readers or their friends might have any of the following items lurking about that they’re hoping to clear out for a bargain price.

  • Twin/trundle bed
  • Computer desk (ours is so broken we’ve decided not to try to move it again)
  • TV/entertainment center, preferably slung low to the floor
  • Small dining table for 2 people (no wider than 3ft)
  • Funky room divider screen
  • Portable/rolling kitchen “island” unit
  • Hanging pot rack
  • Rocking chair

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