The Great Outdoors, American Stereotypes and London

As a Canadian I find it hard to shrug off the stereotypical image of overweight North Americans, and I find this interesting because my own perception of Canadians is that we are a very sporty and active bunch.

Even in the cities there is massive stream of traffic heading out in all direction on a Friday afternoon or night after work of people looking to get away and into the mountains for a few days of active relaxation.

I found this culture to be totally nonexistent in the UK. Weekends were about socializing and most of the time that meant drinking. It may very well have been the group of people I associated with but I got the impression it was a general reflection of the society.

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Solar Technology at Work

Solar energy is one of the most real alternate power sources the world knows. There are hundreds of uses for solar energy, but one that is becoming popular with many home owners is solar lighting. Solar technology has taken leaps and bounds of progress in recent years. In fact it is that progress that makes this technology even possible.

If it were not for the miniature solar panels that were invented recently it would be impossible to make thispv-diagram energy commercially available to the extent that they are today.

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Blue and Pink Wii Remotes-WTF

The people at Nintendo Wii continue to amaze me with their creativity just recently they launched the new pink and blue remotes embedded with the new MotionPlus technology. They’ve taken the normal Wii controller and added color, better technology and cool grips, to give gamers the ultimate, interactive gaming experience while making your Wii accessories look great too.

This new MotionPlus technology is aimed at improving the overall gaming experience for the gamer. Just connect the MotionPlus remote accessory to your remote and feel the difference yourself, your Wii remote will respond to even your slightest turn of the wrist. Most new games come equipped with this technology.

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